Šilainiai Urban Gardens

In second part of 2018 I have started more intensive work on-site in Šilainiai. Out of this work, Urban Gardens theme emerged and currently there are meetings happening with different stakeholder groups and plans are being drafted for 2019. More information will be published in December 2018.


I have happiness and pleasure here. I love earth. Having been born in the countryside. During warm months I spend four hours per day here. Fresh air. I gain health here. In these gardens I prolong life. Ona – Zita, pensioner from Šilainiai.

People, who grew up in the balconies [of the housing estate] don’t know how to do gardening. We, however, grew up in the countryside, it is natural for us. Those, who are not lazy, work. About thirty five years ago I brought some oak trees and planted them here. I didn’t water them, but still, they grew, beautiful trees now. Aleksandra, 87 year old Šilainiai resident.

I am gardening only because this is my main occupation during summer, what else there is for a pensioner to do? Vyautas, 70 year old Šilainiai resident.

I like that I can go out of my apartment to the gardens and to be in nature for a little while, to work a little and this is how I recover. Birutė, 55 years old Šilainiai resident.

It is a pleasure to grow your own vegetables and to communicate with nature and the earth. There is a need for space and tranquility. Alvyra, 66 years old Šilainiai resident.

Your own grown vegetables tastes better. Those who don’t have gardens out of the city, this is their garden. People want to work. Algirdas, pensioner from Šilainiai.

I loved working the land since I was young. I grow all sorts of vegetables. We grow flowers too. Living in a block of flats, it is really nice to be in fresh air. It is a real pleasure to admire the fruits of your work. Regina, 67 years old Šilainiai resident.

I cut grass myself, made my own scythe to do it. Not many people know how to use it nowadays. This place is something to do at this age. You can still find raspberries in October. Antanas, pensioner from Šilainiai.

I do gardening, because it brings me health and exercise. If I don’t move, it will be over. Even the balconies of the flats we live in are glazed, so this is an opportunity to be in the fresh air. Teresė, 67 years old Šilainiai resident.

I have been gardening here for about thirteen years. Others have been doing it for more than twenty.  There are some younger people, but mainly pensioners. I live in a block of flats across the street, so it is convenient for me to come here. As long as I can climb those stairs, I would like to continue gardening.  Elena-Vanda, 84 years old Šilainiai resident.


Šilainiai senior urban gardens in October 2018.


2018 work is partly made possible by the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture artist stipend. Thank you.