Šilainiai Photo


In autumn 2015 I have launched a project called ‘Šilainiai Photo’. It is based in Šilainiai microdistrict in Kaunas, Lithuania. The project involves collecting both archival and new photographs of the area produced by the local community as well as photo-walks and photography workshops in local schools.


Silainiai Photo workshop in Grusas Art Gymnasium, Kaunas 2015.
Photo-walk in Šilainiai, January 2016. Photography: Vita Ku

I am pleased to say that the project has been very well received by the local community. Spring 2016 photo-walk was lead by a local community Association “Šilainių baltai“.

Associacija Silainiu Baltai foto pasivaiksciojimas 2016
Association “Šilainių baltai“ leading the spring photo-walk in Šilainiai, 2016.

I was invited to curate an exhibition in honour of Šilainiai 30th birthday. The exhibition took place in Šilainiai library and featured photographic documents from Lithuanian National Archive, photographs made by Grusas Art Gymnasium students and Romas Simkus and my own works.

Silainiam 30 leaflet
Silainiai Photo launching exhibition, 2015.

You may follow the progress of the project on its website www.silainiaiphoto.com.

More images from the photo-walks are in the Worksop section.

Photographs contributed by the local residents can be found in the Foto section.