Young Ideas – Inside the Creative Mind

December 29, 15:00 I will be giving a talk at an event called ‘Young Ideas – Inside the Creative Mind’ at ‘Ideas Block’ Vilnius, address: Pylimo g. 60, 01337 Vilnius, Lithuania.

I will be presenting the work done this year and a project continuing in 2019, collaborating with a fantastic team of people passionate about urban gardens.

Be the first to learn about the direction Šilainiai Project is taking next year!

2018 work has been made possible by the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture artist stipend. Thank you.


Event information:

End of the Year celebration – two days with art, philosophical and material talks, conversations, ideas and coffee at Ideas Block cafe and creative space.

What are the future ideas? How does the young local creative scene look like? We would like to invite you to explore these ideas together with us through the arts and music, creative philosophy, sustainability, technology, the community and more. We’ll be searching for ways they shape our societies. Inevitably setting ideas in motion.

We will talk with a number of guests about the meaning for the creators: touching on culture, creative education and freedom of mind among others. This will be an expedition into ideas and people through different fields and philosophies.

[Young Ideas – a series of cultural and artistic events focused on development of contemporary and innovative ideas, as well as supporting young, up and coming artists, musicians and makers. The project is partially funded by Vilnius City Council.]

Free entrance.

The talks will be held in English.

Saturday (29th of December):

15:00 Šilainių sodai -> Introducing #silainiusodai: Urban gardening in the microdistrict -> Evelina Simkutė. Silainiai Project



Event at Linkuva fortifications

We are working together with Kaunas interdisciplinary heritage festival ‘Battery’ to bring you to one of the most beautiful off of beaten track places in Kaunas – Linkuva fortifications (Kėdainių str. 23), not far from Fort no. VIII. Join us 27 October 4-6pm at this special place, have a look at some artworks, listen to poetry and admire panoramic views.

More info on Facebook event page.


Festivalio ‘Baterija’ uždarymas spalio 27 d. 16:00 – 18:00 val. vyks poetiškai – tai lyg atsvara karinei tvirtovės prigimčiai. Renginys „Baltoji trispalvė“ pakvies į Linkuvos įtvirtinimus (Kėdainių g. 23), netoli VIII forto.

„Atsisakant militaristinės materinės terminologijos, bei ikonografijos apie pralaimėjimą, virš karinių objektų sodrios psichologinės – istorinės juodai raudonos rustikos iškeliamas didžiulis baltas, švarus ir naujas laukas kaip mistinis balto vėjo kūnas ar Baltoji trispalvė. Ta, kuri dar nepatyrė prizmės lašo lūžio, o talpindama pirminę grynos idėjos galią neša neužrašytus ir nespalvintus, bet tikrus burtus į eterį, bei skelbia kitokios pergalės metą“, – taip savo idėją pristato architektas, tapytojas Mantas Maziliauskas.

Renginio metu vyks poezijos skaitymai.


Evelina Šimkutė creative practice in 2018 is funded by the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture artist stipend. Thank you.


Talk in London

Join artist and curator Evelina Šimkutė, along with Rūta Stepanovaitė, to discuss the Šilainiai Project, as well as other socially engaged practices.

As the Curator for the Kaunas European Capital of Culture 2022, Evelina will also discuss her plans to develop a community platform for Kaunas.

Hosted by the Central Saint Martins Foundation Programme. This event was made possible by the Lithuanian Culture Institute. the Lithuanian Embassy in the United Kingdom, the Lithuanian Culture Council and Kaunas 2022.

Arrival from 16:30, start time 16:45.

Directions to our Archway Campus can be found here.

Further Information:
Evelina Šimkutė is an artist, founder and creative director of Šilainiai Project. She is also curator of Kaunas European Capital of Culture 2022 community platform.

Rūta Stepanovaitė, art manager, director of art management platform, ‘Arthesis’ and recently appointed director of Kaunas Artists’ House.

The Šilainiai Project is one of the first to engage with the community in the Šilainiai micro-district – a residential area of multi-story blocks which is culturally separated from the city centre. Since 2016, artists have been invited to stay with Šilainiai residents within the micro-district to develop and create new artworks. The artists are encouraged to make further connections with the local community by exhibiting their work publicly, working with local schools/ community groups and by participating in open meetings at the public library of Šilainiai.

The project engages with the local community, across the various generations living in the Šilainiai micro-district, through open creative social platforms, community and participatory arts and more.

International artist residencies are one of the many activities led by Evelina Šimkutė in Šilainiai, which try to reveal the cultural identity of Šilainiai, one of the last micro-district developed in the Soviet era.

Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022 is focused on communities and is currently preparing projects that aim to discover, train and empower local creatives, as well as encourage both local and international artists to engage with community-based practices.

Event is free, but please book tickets on Eventbrite here.

Šilainiai Project exhibition 2017

Please save the date for Šilainiai Project artist residency exhibition.

It will happen at Vytautas Magnus University Gallery 101, Muitinės g. 7, Kaunas, Lithuania.

Exhibition opening 24 November 18:00.

Visiting times I-V 11:00-17:00

24 November – 8 December


This years’ exhibition is

In memoriam Algirdas Radvilavičius


Thank you to Public Institution ‘Meno vadybos platforma’ ARTHESIS, Lithuanian Culture Council, Kaunas Vincas Kudirka library Šilainiai department, Kaunas street art festival NYKOKA and our amazing volunteers for making this year’s residency happen.

Fieldwork conference, UK

This summer staff and students from the University of Central Lancashire came to Kaunas for a week-long research project based around the theme of ‘transition’. We spend some time together engaging with the area of Šilainiai. We will be meeting again this autumn to continue our conversation in the UK.

15 November I will be speaking at the conference in Preston, which is an annual photography event called ‘Fieldwork’. This year the theme is contemporary documentary practices in photography.

You may read about the trip on their blog:

All photographs ©PHOTOUCLAN

Interview ‘Need an Architect’

Few weeks ago I spoke about creative placemaking on ‘Žinių radijas’ radio station programme ‘Reikia architekto’ (‘Need an Architect’). You may hear the full recording here: (In Lithuanian)

Daugiabučio kiemas – mano kiemas
08.24 Ketvirtadienis 14:35
Rūta Leitanaitė

XX amžiaus antroje pusėje Lietuvos miestus užpildę daugiabučių rajonai šiandien sulaukia daug priekaištų: dėl nuobodžios architektūros, pasenusio išplanavimo ir taip toliau. Tačiau, palyginus su daugeliu naujos statybos gyvenamųjų rajonų, šie senieji turi nenuginčijamą privalumą – didelius bendrus kiemus, kurie buvo planuojami kaip žalios zonos gyventojų laisvalaikiui.

Deja, šiandien šie kiemai yra daugiau gyventojų konfliktų, negu bendravimo erdvės. Vieni čia nori ramiai ilsėtis, kiti – triukšmingai žaisti, treti – vedžioti augintinius, dauguma – tiesiog saugiai ir patogiai palikti savo automobilį. Galų gale daugiabučio kiemas tampa neprižiūrima erdve, kurioje niekas pernelyg neužsibūna. Ką daryti, kad sovietmečiu statytų daugiabučių kiemai taptų gyvomis, kaimynus buriančiomis erdvėmis, laidoje kalbėsimės su architektu Vytautu Buinevičiumi ir menininke Evelina Šimkute.

Street Art in Šilainiai


Calling all street artists!

Šilainiai Project is collaborating with Kaunas street art festival NYKOKA and inviting you to produce work in Šilainiai! There are five buildings to choose from, images and more info can be found on NYKOKA website:

We are waiting for your sketches until August 20th via email ,please put ‘Šilainiams’ in the title.

It is going to be the first legal street art project in the neighbourhood and we are very excited!

Important: Please message us if you need contextual information about the site. We can meet up and show you around!

Šilainiai Project team

Travelling Architecture Workshops


Last week I had the pleasure to participate in the Travelling Architecture Workshops. Nine volunteers – architects, artists, youth workers and sociologists travel to smallest towns in Lithuania (up to 1000 residents) and work with local children for five days. In this time children re-examine their open spaces, brainstorm about the things they need/ miss or dream about and all together we make those visions become reality.

20247707_1497322850290923_624403336697757743_o (1)

I worked in Kruopiai and had the most amazing experience working with the local kids – their creativity, hard work and care for each other was inspiring. Thank you!

Images by Milda Gardauskaitė and Aistė Rakauskaitė