Fundraising for 2017


Photograph by Artūras Bulota

I invite you all to support the continuation of an amazing, community based art project in Šilainiai post-war housing estate in Kaunas (LT). In 2016, with minimal resources I was able to organise a global artist residence in the neighbourhood, several exhibitions, public walks introducing residents to their seemingly generic but actually extremely diverse community, poetry readings and photography workshops. I would like to continue doing amazing things for the community in 2017 too! Please support and/or share. Thank you very much.

Kind regards, Evelina


In the press

Šilainiai Project was extensively covered by Lithuanian press this year. Here are a few highlights. More radio and TV interviews you may find in the Press section.


Evelinos Šimkutės Šilainiai – balta drobė kūrybai. Kaunas pilnas kultūros. December 2016. Online:

Audronė Meškauskaitė, Gyvenimą keičiantis menas. 2016 11 24 – 2016 12 07. Nemunas, Nr. 20 (980) Online:

Vaida Stepanovaitė, Decentralizacijos projektų patirtys Lietuvoje. 2016 11 25. Online:

Pokalbis apie kultūros decentralizaciją Lietuvoje. 2016 11 21. Online:

Neringa Krikščiūnaitė, Kitoks Šilainių veidas2016 11 25.  Online:

Šilainiai driokstelėjo: forto tuneliuose – kaukianti sirena ir menininkų projektas. 2016 10 15. Online:

Evelina Šimkutė: „Šilainių fasadas tėra viena dėlionės dalis“. 2016 09 28. Online:;

Tyrimų laukas – Šilainių mikrorajonas. 2016 09 19. Online:

A sleeping district of poets and painters: redefining Kaunas’s Šilainiai. Deep Baltic Blog. 2016 10 31. Online:

Evelina Šimkutė: „Kūryboje ir darbuose Šilainiai visada buvo su manimi“. 2016 08 31. Online:

Daugiaaukščių Šilainių istorija domina net japonus ir australus. 2016 08 28. Online:;

Kaip miegamasis rajonas virsta kultūriniu židiniu. 2016 08 09. Online:;

Kokie yra tikrieji Šilainiai? 2016 08 05. Online:

Evelina Šimkutė: „Šilainių ilgesys išaugino idėją surengti rajono nuotraukų parodą“. 2015 10 22. Online: evelina-simkute-silainiu-ilgesys-isaugino-ideja-surengti-rajono-nuotrauku-paroda/336770


Šilainiai [Fortas] Project

I have been commissioned to curate an art happening in Kaunas VIII fort 15 October 2016, 12-2pm. International team of artists will bring light, sound and colour to this atmospheric historical site in Kaunas, Lithuania.


A couple of artists involved:

‘Fort Tune’ by Roberto Becerra (MX)

This sound and light art performance/exhibition experiments with the very special acoustic environment of the 50m-long hall inside the VIII fort.

It starts by exploring or tuning to the natural frequencies of the vault at the Fort. These produce resonances that are transformed into colour lights, which repurpose the place from a war context into an experimental art, creative space.

Along the colouring of the sound and light, public and performers are invited to play and contribute with the acoustic of the chamber, so it can be sampled by the artist, processed and played back to further investigate the acoustic possibilities of the space.

About the artist

Roberto Becerra is an interdisciplinary artist and technologist, who combines technology and art in his work. The artist focuses his research around the topic of sound and technology, as well as the structures found in nature and the way they interact and affect the societies and their surroundings.

‘Layers of Light / Šviesų klodai’ by Liucija Dervinytė (LT)

Layers of Light is an interior textiles collection placed in a completely different surrounding from that of the original purpose. It is an experiment of bringing fragile and delicate pieces into a dark monumental space of the VIII Fort.

The artworks explore transparency, layers and reflections of patterns and light. Fabrics of different thickness, transparent and opaque plastics are combined with screen printing, embroidery and laser cutting techniques to create complex structures.

The collection takes inspiration from folk ornaments that now, placed in the historical Fort building, gain new meanings and links with history and culture.

About the artist

Liucija Dervinytė is a textile designer and artist, experimenting with various textiles techniques, including hand embroidery, mark making, paper and fabric dyeing. Her practice encompasses visual art, textiles and product design. Her works explore and illustrate the patterns found in nature and cities, folk motives and travel experience.